We turn up early at your event with our mobile studio, consisting of mini-print lab studio, lights and backdrops. We set up our equipment with minimal fuss and efficiency. We photograph your guests, have their images available to view on our touch screen monitor within seconds, and have their photographs available for purchase within minutes.

We package our 9x6 photographs in a high quality frame and clear protective bag for purchase. We take great care to make sure that all of your guests are happy and strive for an enthusiastic response from your guests (our customers) on the purchase of their photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of events do you cover?

We cover every type of event imaginable; from black tie to swimming galas, private parties and corporate events to name a few. Our limitation is your imagination.

What does it cost?

Typically for event organisers, our service is free, we do not charge to attend your event. For private parties and functions we have a fee of £350, which is fully refundable if we take photo sales on the day of that amount, anything less than £350 our client would have to make up the difference, this can also be in purchases of photos.

How much does it cost for the guest?

9x6 framed photographs cost £10 each with an additional charge of £1.50 to cover photographs and packaging if ordered from our website. Guests are under no obligation to purchase their photographs. There is no charge for us to take your photo; the only cost involved is the purchase of prints. How can guests pay? Guests can either pay for their photos in cash at the event or via PayPal using a credit/debit card on our website. At many events we have special offer deals that are really good value, such as 3 photos for £20.

How long does it take to print each photo?

Once you’ve chosen your photo, it is printed and framed within 2 minutes. Can re-prints be ordered? Yes, re-prints can be ordered via the website. Usually photo are updated on the website within 48 hours of the event.

How much space do you require to set up at an event?

Approximately 20 square feet, however we are flexible and can adapt the set-up depending on the space available.

Can you print photos in Black and White?

Yes, black and white full colour print options are available. Colour is standard; black and white is available on request.

How much do you charge for traditional photography services?

Prices depend on the type of service, so please feel free to contact us for further information

Do you have an ‘inclusive package’ so guests don’t have to pay for their own photos?

Yes- often event organisers like to include the cost of a photo for each guest as a gift/memento of the occasion. We can provide a range of appropriate packages, please contact us for further information.